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Bed & Breakfast Cā Dei Lenzotti  - Via Serpiano, 4  -  SERPIANO / RIOLUNATO  -  41020 (MODENA)  -  tel. 348 1201565 - fax 0376 531008
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Bed and Breakfast Cā Dei Lenzotti is a small cluster of ancient houses of historical significance immersed in green, not far from Pavullo in Frignano.

Bed and Breakfast Cā Dei Lenzotti offers ideal accommodations for those wishing to enjoy the cool, quiet landscape of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Mountains. It is also ideal for those who love to discover ancient cultures and savor medieval dishes that feature fine wines and local ingredients, such as wild game, truffles and mushrooms.

The Bed and Breakfast is ideal for those who want to relax. Trails on the property offer cascading streams and local wildlife viewing. For those who enjoy sporting activities, the area provides opportunities for mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting, skiing and trekking.
There is ample room for children to run and play outdoors in the fresh mountain air.
But above all, this is a place for those who simply want to relax in a secluded, quiet setting.